Glass Memorials

Our memorials encase a small amount of ash inside a glass form using traditional glass working techniques. We work with your own choice of colours which may represent anything from a favourite football team to a preferred flower, an interior colour scheme, or a pet’s fur or collar. We try to match the colours as closely as possible.

Creation Process

1. Your chosen colours will be selected and arranged in lines. They will then be applied to the first layer of clear molten glass.

2. The crystals will then be melted in and the surface smoothed in preparation for the ashes.

3. The ashes are sieved and formed in to lines before being rolled up on to the glass, over the top of the coloured lines.

4. The ashes are heated which helps fuse them to the glass before they are twisted in to a spiral pattern.

5. Another layer of clear glass is applied over the top of the ashes encasing them completely.

6. The piece can now be shaped in to its final form before being cooled very slowly to room temperature.